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About us

Telcell means speed, saved time, convenience and free choice - where, how much and for what to pay.


On August 4, 2007, "Telcell" CJSC founded a new business direction in Armenia: the first network of payment acceptance through self-service terminals was formed.


Today Telcell is the largest system in Armenian market of instant payments, which covers the capital city and all the marzes of Armenia. Telcell’s processing center is serving also in the territory of the Republic of Artsakh.


“Telcell” is the first company in Armenia, which created an alternative system of receiving utility bills.


Telcell system provides high speed of processing transactions: our processing center receives signals from all the terminals of network in the real time mode, develops them and connects with the payment gateways of service providers.


The work of highly qualified specialists of “Telcell” CJSC gives the opportunity in the shortest time to create the most convenient conditions for work of our partners, ensuring a stable growth in profits.



Currently, through the terminals of our company, payments are made in favor of more than 450 operators of communication and providers of other various services. The system is constantly expanding, including continually new services. We constantly improve the system, improve the quality of the offered services.



Our mission:


  • Make the process of payments and money transfer maximum convenient and affordable;
  • make available the modern payment instruments,
  • promote the use of electronic money;
  • promote the development of e-commerce;
  • to contribute to the vision of turning Armenia into a regional financial center.




19.07.2007 - By the decision of the Board of the Central Bank of Armenia, "Telcell" CJSC was given a license for money transfers, processing and clearing of payment instruments and payment-settlement documents.


30.07.2007 - In the system the first commercial contract between "Telcell" CJSC and "K-Telecom" CJSC was signed.


04.08.2007 - at 13:11 through Telcell terminal the first working transaction was made by Alo card subscriber of the mobile operator VivaCell.


18.09.2007 - "Telcell" company participated in exhibition for the first time - "Armenia EXPO 2007" and presented a "demonstration network" of payment acceptance terminals.


20.11.2007 - Telcell launched a new tool for convenient and affordable payment of utilities. The first bill through the terminals was paid for used electricity.


26.10.2007 - The process of replenishment of game accounts through Telcell system started. The first payment was made in favor of VIVARO bookmaking company.


31.10.2007 - An opportunity was provided to pay monthly subscriber fees for TV through Telcell terminals. The first ones to try it were NTV PLUS subscribers.


20.11.2007 - The process of replenishment of electronic purses through Telcell system started. This feature was first provided to users of Yandex-Money and Webmoney systems.


January 2008 - "Arminco" became the first Internet provider, whose users were able to replenish their accounts through the Telcell terminals.


12.05.2008 - The turnover of Telcell system exceeded 1 billion drams, the number of transactions made by the Telcell system exceeded 500 000, frequency of payments - 1 payment every 10 seconds, and in “rush” hours - every second.


01.09.2008 - "Norvik" became the first universal credit organization, whose clients were able to repay loans through Telcell terminals.


23.09.2008 - "Unibank" became the first bank that connected cash settlement units of its branches to the Telcell’s processing center.


03.11.2008 - "Telcell" launched a new version of the interface for terminals: to provide the convenience of our customers, operators are grouped by field of activity.


14.11.2008 - Oriflame Cosmetics became the first trading company in Armenia, which offered its many thousands of consultants the opportunity to pay for orders through the Telcell system.


18.11.2008 - The millionth payment was made in favor of VivaCell-MTS, the first operator that connected to Telcell system.


30.11.2009 - The first service was launched from a series of express payments: we started the acceptance of payments of fines imposed by the Traffic Police.


13.04.2010 - Telcell became available in the NKR.


November 2010 - A project was launched on organizing Telcell payment acceptance fixed points.


15.11.2010We started to accept donations through payment terminals in favor of Hayastan All Armenian Fund.


01.12.2010 - "Telcell" company has developed and launched a module for the sale of Motor Third-Party Liability  (MTPL) Insurance policies for "INGO Armenia" insurance company.


08.06.2011 - The first social networks connected to the Telcell system. Odnoklassniki and VKontakte accounts replenishment from payment terminals have started.


10.02.2012 - "Telsell" CJSC and "Mega Panther" LLC transferred payment terminals of both companies to a single software platform based on the Telcell processing center.


25.07.2012 - "VTB Bank (Armenia)" was the first to switch to self-service of customers using payment terminals connected to the processing center of Telcell.


2016 year - Telcell has completely switched to a new processing system that meets all modern and security requirements.


Telcell transfer, a system of fast money transfers was launched, through which consumers without opening an account can make quick money transfers both in Armenia and abroad.


"My Telcell page" service was introduced, which makes it possible to make group payments immediately for 8 different services.


2017 year - MyTelcell application (now Telcell Wallet) was launched, which allows to carry out all the transactions of Telcell system with the electronic wallet.


21.12.2018 - The number of Telcell Wallet users has reached 45,000.


10.01.2019 - the network of Telcell terminals has been replenished with the 2500th terminal.