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January 16, 2024


Closed Joint Stock Company "TELCELL" announces a tender for the creation of the "Unified Ticket System" website for the city of Yerevan


Applications for participation must be submitted electronically to [email protected] before 23.01.24.

Applications can be submitted in Armenian, English or Russian.


For more information related to this announcement, you can call: +374 060272222 (427), +374 060272222 (452).



Technical task for the creation of the “Unified Ticket System” website

1. Description

• Objective of the project: website development for convenient and efficient sale of transport tickets.

• Client: Telcell CJSC

2. Functional requirements

2.1 Login/Registration

• Implement a user login and registration system.

2.2 Ticket selection and search system

• Provide a convenient search for the selection of transport tickets, taking into account various parameters (e.g. date, time, ticket type).

• Add the ability to view route and schedule information.

2.3 Purchasing a transport ticket

• Develop convenient functionality for purchasing tickets with a selection of the number of tickets and provision of the required information about the passenger.

• Provide confirmation of purchase and sending of the e-ticket to the specified email address (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram).

2.4 User's Personal Cabinet

• Create a Personal Cabinet for users with the ability to view purchase history and edit their profile.

2.5 Online payment: e-commerce

• Integrate an online payment system (e-commerce) using popular payment systems: Telcell Wallet, bank cards.

3. Website design and interface

3.1 Design

• Develop the website according to the provided design.

3.2 Mobile adaptation

• Make the site usable on all types of devices.

4. Security

4.1 Data encryption

• Ensure encryption of user data, especially when making online payments.

4.2 Fraud protection

• Implement fraud protection mechanisms when interacting with online payments and customer information.

5. Administrative part

5.1 Purchase/sales management

• Provide administrators with the ability to view, manage, and track orders through the administrative interface (CRUD).

5.2 Route and schedule management

• Implement the ability to add, edit, and delete the route and schedule information.

5.3 Ticket Product Management

• Implement the ability to sell transport tickets.

• Implement the ability to add, edit, and delete ticket products.

6. Testing

6.1 Functional testing

• Conduct testing to check the operability of all functional blocks on the site.

6.2 Security testing

• Conduct security audits to identify and eliminate potential vulnerabilities.

7. Integration with external and internal services

• Provide the ability to integrate with internal services and transport company systems to obtain up-to-date information on the routes and schedules.

8. Support

8.1 Technical support

• Give contact information and mechanisms for providing technical support to the client.

9. Expected result

• A functioning website developed for selling tickets of the “Unified Ticket System”.

• Fulfillment of all technical and design requirements of the client.

10. Responsible persons

• Telcell CJSC

11. Implementation deadline

• 01.04.2024

12. Acceptance criteria

• Successfully passing all security tests and audits.

• Consistency with the client and compliance with technical requirements.

Note: this technical task provides only basic guidelines for project development. It can be changed based on discussions with the client and specific requirements of the project.



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